My online coaching package : 8 lessons : 



I know how it feels to be left alone and to be replaced as an object.

I know you struggle with shame, feeling guilty.  Maybe I was not good enough.

I know this because I also went through it.

When I started off my relationship we had the same dreams and aspirations.

But then some obstacles came and spoiled our trust in each other.

Then after a lot of pain and hurt, I stood up and I finally experienced a breakthrough

when I started using all the tools I had.  I used the right mindset, the right tools and then a massive implementation and this brought me back into my spiritual power and Self-honour.  Now I feel free, focussed on a positive future, with stability in my heart and peace in my mind.

I can help you go from where you are now, to where you want to go.

To get inner power, love  and happiness.

I invite you to accept the call to adventure...overcome doubt..

to do the work, make the efforts  and step into this new chapter where you experience true empowerment, selfrespect and peace of mind.

The format of my course will be with video Zoomcalls/audio/live and written.(it can be in dutch and english) - sessions can also take place in my home in Sint-Niklaas.

Coaching session 1 : Overcoming and transforming limiting beliefs

Limiting old beliefs have to be unlearned.  It sets you free from the inside.

Coaching session 2 : Creating a positif Self-Image - how do I perceive myself ?

How much do I love myself.  What is my inner dialogue and self criticism ?

Coaching session 3 : my emotional Well-being : alignment of head and heart

How to fulfil my emotional needs.  How to deal with my expectations towards others ?

Coaching session 4 : Transformation of my mindset - letting go of the past

Coaching session 5 : How to create a healthy lifestyle : food, digestion

Coaching session 6 : Tools to empower the self through meditation

How did you loose your inner power and how to regain that inner power.

Coaching session 7 : Importance of empowering daily rituals

Coaching session 8 : Mission and purpose of your life

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