Selfrespect versus Selfdoubt :

The biggest obstacle in self-empowerment is that you starting doubting in yourself.   You give importance of what other people are saying to you.  People try to discourage you and tell you that it is egoistic if you give too much time for yourself, and they will not encourage you to change for the better.

So the first thing to do if you want some positive change in your life, is to create a positive image about yourself.  To see your qualities and virtues and to appreciate whatever you are doing.  Don’t identify yourself with external things, such as how you look like fysically or don’t identify yourself with your job, or the roles that you play, because they are all temporary.  So change your perception and see your True Self, your eternal Self, your eternal positive qualities and the unlimited potential which is there waiting for you to uncover.

Selfrespect is to put your priorities right, and take time for your own self-development.